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Workforce Shortage

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High EMR

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Aging Workforce

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Employee Retention

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Workers Comp Issues

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Material Acessibility

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Not Competitive in the Marketplace

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Talent Acquisition Issues

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The Future of Masonry is MULES

Do More

When you combine skilled labor with the MULE you can do more with less men.

Ergonomic Benefits

Your workforce is aided resulting in reduction of fatigue, reduction of injuries, and acquisition of new and diverse talent. 

Increased Revenue

With the MULE ML150 you have access to 8824, 8832, 1232, Retaining Wall Block and More. This allows you to secure bigger bids with less labor. 

Reduced Cost

Lower cost of insurance and number of claims also allows you to acquire new and diverse talent. 

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Acquire new and diverse talent through our inclusive products.



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What If Everyone On Your Team Could Lift 150 Lbs With Ease Or Avoid Lifting 6,000 Pounds On An Average Day?

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MULE (Material Unit Lift Enhancer) is lift-assist equipment designed and built to handle and place heavy material on construction sites. It improves the safety and efficiency of your whole team.

Explore the features

With a variety of attachments, a basic MULE becomes a custom unit designed for your specific job site variables and applications. The MULE ML150 mounts to scaffolding or mast climbing platforms and sets up in just 10 minutes.





Considering each block weighed more than 100 lbs, this was a needed time (and back!) saver!

VDC Manager at Barton Malow Company

Bo Snyder

30 years in the industry and I have never seen anything with as much potential to change our industry as these MULEs.

Avila Masonry

Tony Avila

Everybody is happy that we have it here. It’s an amazing machine, making everybody’s job easier – units are going in faster, everyone is going home at the end of the day feeling a lot less tired. I can’t say enough good things about the MULE. Thank you, guys!

Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors

Nick Martin

Our field guys at Ford VPEC with Stenco Construction are LOVING the two MULEs on the project! Increased production with less fatigue - we all win!

President Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors

Mike Harman

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“We invest in ergonomic equipment that lowers operating costs and improves productivity” - Scott Elliott

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